Jeff Kaplan Discusses World of Warcraft Attunements

Posted Mon, Feb 18, 2008 by Aelryn

Attunement should be better... stronger! We have the technology... almost.

Jeff "Tigole" Kaplan popped into the World of Warcraft forums recently to shed a little bit of light on how the WoW devs view attunements. There's some interesting and promising information there.

The subject of attunement comes up all the time. We're researching design and technical options for the future when it comes to attunements. For example, we'd love it if once you earned your Karazhan Key or Heroic Keys, your max level alts had access to those areas as well. If we had the ability to do this, we probably would have left Heroic attunement at Revered rather than Honored.

See what else he had to say right here.

[Via WoW Insider]

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