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Let me tell you, a flight to San Francisco is nothing like a flight to Las Vegas. Lost Wages flights are filled with rapturous, inebriated extroverts. Flights to San Francisco are like walking into an autism crisis center. I dropped my box of business cards getting into my seat and four guys yelled out how many had spilled on the floor before I could bend over to pick them up.

The plane that I was on was so old that it still had those drop down television sets instead of the in-seat entertainment. You couldn't even use normal headphones to listen to the static strewn in-flight movie (Elizabeth) because the plane had the old dual plugs. I'm pretty sure that I saw a team of eight horses pull the plane until it became airborne. Fortunately I booked early enough that I had a window seat. Unfortunately, a freakishly large individual was sitting in the middle seat making my window seat more of a window vise. It was a human reenactment of how a pestle and mortar work.

From the bright news department. Jeff booked us into an incredibly luxurious hotel with a Japanese theme. I've heard about these places. I'm surprised that Jeff picked one, but I'm not complaining and neither are Cody and Garrett. They thought of everything in this place. There is even a flatscreen television set built into the mirror in the bathroom allowing you to watch Seinfeld while you make your daily deposit. I think Jeff will be booking the hotels from here on in.

GDC begins, Jumpgate jumps, Age of Conan roars, Mr. Rude is French and more, today in Loading...

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