Angels Online: Territory for Leagues Available

Posted Tue, Feb 19, 2008 by Aelryn

It sounds like a good time.

The Angels Online team has some news for you regarding the totem skirmishes:

With the Totem Skirmish ended and the Totem Battle just around the corner, the Angels Online ( team is going to give you some hints about key points during the Totem Battle.

At the end of the scheduled maintenance this week, those leagues which had good performances during the Totem Skirmish will be rewarded with territory and resources. These players will be able to redeem an Angel's Gift Box from the NPC everyday, and open it to upgrade their totems so as to lay a solid foundation for the upcoming Totem Battle. Players should remember that they are supposed to fight for their league and glory, not themselves, so they’d better try every means to improve their leagues reputation.

Read more at the official site.

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