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World of Warcraft Hunter Guide

Hunter Class Description

The Hunter is an expert tracker capable of setting traps and using bows, crossbows, and guns in battle. But one of the biggest benefits to being a Hunter is their unique ability to tame a wide assortment of animals to fight along side them.

Hunters are great utility players in a group and can offer many benefits such as crowd control or tracking, and they excell in the DPS (Damage Per Second) role. Hunter pets can also serve as off-tanks to prevent adds from overwhelming a group, making them a valued class for any team.

While hunters are primarily a Ranged DPS class, they are also able to wield an assortment of melee weapons, and gain a few basic close-combat abilities while leveling. Most often though, you will rely on your pet to tank for you while solo, or other players while grouped so that you can focus on your true calling: dishing out large amounts of ranged damage.

Hunter Overview

  • Ranged physical DPS with a lot of utility and crowd control abilities
  • Can tame animal companions to aid in battle
  • Can lay traps to damage, snare, or root their targets
  • Capable of Feigning Death to drop agro
  • Able to track most types of creatures, and even stealthed players in PvP
  • Can change to different Aspects, enhancing their role in combat in different ways

WoW Hunter Art

Available Races for Hunters

Alliance: Draenei | Dwarf | Human | Night Elf | Worgen

Horde: Blood Elf | Forsaken | Goblin | Orc | Tauren | Troll

Available Weapons for Hunters

Ranged: Bows | Crossbows | Guns

Melee: Fist Weapons | One-Handed Axes* | One-Handed Swords * | Polearms | Staves | Two-Handed Axes | Two-Handed Swords

*Hunters are able to dual wield one-handed axes and swords

Available Armor for Hunters

Cloth | Leather | Mail*

*Mail armor becomes available to hunters starting at level 40

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