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Welcome to the Ten Ton Hammer Mage Guide. If you enjoy calling upon magical forces to crush your foes from a distance this class might be for you. Mages aren’t just good for damage though, they have several other useful talents including crowd controlling enemies and providing food, drinks, and a powerful intellect buff for their allies. As you can see even though the Mage will only ever fill the role of damage dealer, the player who chooses this class will never be bored.

Mage Overview

  • Mages can take an enemy out of combat by using their Polymorph spell.
  • Mana users who use frost, fire, and arcane spells to demolish enemies.
  • Can open portals or teleport to transfer themselves and other group members to various locations.
  • Can provide water and food for themselves and their allies.
  • Mages can produce massive amounts of damage both single target and AoE.

Mage Races

Blood Elf
Night Elf

    Armor & Weapons

    • Available Armor: Cloth
    • Available Weapons: Wands, Daggers, One-Handed Swords, and Staves

    Additional Resources

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