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Welcome to the Ten Ton Hammer Druid Guide. Druids are one of World of Warcraft's most adaptable classes in the game. They're capable of being healers, casters, tanks, and ninjas melee DPS.

They can change forms at will between a cat (melee DPS), bear (tank), tree (talent/healing), bird (flight), cheetah (speed), and walrus (swim speed). They have different abilities that can be used in the different forms and can fit into almost any situation depending on their spec and gear.

When you choose a Druid you don't choose a single class, but instead an entire army of classes that are capable of doing almost anything imaginable within WoW.

Druid Overview

  • Druids are a hybrid class that are capable of choosing their role in battle, from tanking, healing, and doing damage both physically and magically.
  • The various Druid forms provide an interesting and nteractive way to switch your character's physical apperance and role in both solo and group play.
  • Can buff their allies with some of the best buffs in the game and are highly sought after in groups.

Druid Strengths

  • Druids are the ultimate in versatility, they can fill every possible role required in a group.
  • Druid healing is mainly accomplished through the use of HOTs (Heals over Time) which are almost all instant cast abilities. This means that they can still effectively heal while moving around durring a fight.
  • Druids can change between forms and instantly become better at different things, including escaping an attacker.
  • Druids have always been an exceptionally strong PVP class due to their versatility and mobility.
mage in epics


Druids can only be chosen from four different races in the World of Warcraft, they are:

Night Elf

Armor & Weapons

  • Available Armor: Cloth & Leather
  • Available Weapons: One- and Two-handed Maces, Daggers, Staves, Polearms

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