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Loading... has gone since E3 last year without a man-hour lost to accident on the job. Relax and read on. You're in safe hands aboard the good ship Ten Ton Hammer. Penny Arcade on the other hand is afloat in a sea of Krispy Kreme donuts, literally, thanks to Smedley (if you are new to MMOs that's his real name, no joke.)
Segway to another SoE personality.
As Raph Koster, the Chief Creative Officer at Sony Online Entertainment is often wont to do, he has posted an amusing and often spot on lament titled, "What are the lessons of MMORPGs today?"

In particular, the following snippet struck a chord for me,

"There are gods, and they are capricious, and have way way more than ten commandments. Nobody knows how many because everyone clicked past them."

At first glance this quote comes across as amusing. It however, holds two major truisms of massively multiplayer online games.
The first truth is that most MMO developers build in some sort of religious system or religious affiliation. The second truth is that 99 out of every 100 players has absolutely no interest in religious systems or religious affiliations within their favourite passtime.
Real world religion is a can of worms. A can of worms with high explosives and a disdain for worms that hold faith in other cans. A can of worms that goes to war over cartoons. Do we really need religious references, albeit virtual references to farcical religions in the games we play? Do we really want to encourage in-game crusades or jihads? Do we want to pit Christians against Muslims against Scientologists in the virtual arena?
I can see it now...
Leeegolas clicks on the quest giver....and a quest window opens with, "Bardorgoth, the lord of..." Mouseclick!

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Leeegolas mutters, "For frack's sake, I could give a rat's arse about all of that fluff, except that now I need to collect 10 rat arses to complete this quest."
Leeegolas wanders six feet from the quest NPC where he kills 4,392 rats, eventually looting 10 rat arses.
Returning to the quest giver, he clicks, opening a quest window witih, "Verily the Lord of..." Mouseclick!
Leeegolas spends the next 45 minutes asking in general chat which reward is best for a Ranger and then. Mouseclick! He hurriedly bypasses the quest text of the next quest and is on his way.
Let's face it, developers know that the vast majority of players don't read the quest text past looking at the "Get X and bring it to Y" line. That's why they break it down into the 'Coles Notes' version for the quest journal. The people reading the fluff are the same ones that show up to the guild get-together dressed as their character. They're a scary, literate bunch and well, they just don't fit in.
Until such time as the backstory can be made to affect the actual gameworld let's just keep it in the shortened 'Coles Notes' version. Nobody cares what the Lord of the Air has to say and quite frankly he loses a lot of credibility when he asks a low level mortal for 10 rat arses. Here is how you can fix the problem. First you...Click!
Are you a member of the clergy, virtual or in real life? Can you Lay Hands? Click!

What's New On

Our EverQuest 2 community team has delivered three great articles today including one covering your favourite topic, death. That's not all we have today though, become a DDO casting expert, a master of mind skills in Auto Assault or an Orgrimmar cartographer. Given the choice, I'd take the mind skills.
Let us entertain you.

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Vin Diesel Fact of the Day: Vin Diesel sneezes with his eyes open.

Now on to the real world. You can't make this stuff up.

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