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By John Hoskin -

According to a confusing report by Pacific Epoch the EverQuest 2 servers in China will be turned off on March 30th with all of the currently active beta accounts being moved to servers in North America. What the report doesn't say is if this means that the Chinese accounts, which appear to be only beta accounts. will simply be served out of North America or if the lights have been turned off for good. Is the party over for EQ2 in China? After a failed launch of the original EverQuest behind the Great Wall in 2003, it appears that the successor to the EQ throne also lacks appeal in China. On the light side, at least the four EQ2 players who wanted SOGA models got them. So, is the game cancelled in China or is something getting lost in the translation at Pacific Epoch?

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I have had at least, without the normal exaggeration that fills this column, 20 news alerts come down the pipe that World of Warcraft will not be available on the XBox 360. This is a surprise to who?
A show of hands please, those of you who want to group or raid with a person who instead of using a keyboard and mouse to play WoW, decides that a console controller is superior. Since voice communication is still a rarity in WoW and since the 360 doesn't link up to Ventrilo (who don't return my e-mail about TenTonHammer.com running a hosting server) or TeamSpeak (who do answer my mail, Huzzah!) I'd say the chances of Bucky the console-hound finding a way to type "/raid Incoming to Farm. 3 Targets, one is a druid." in an Arathi Basin battle are pretty slim.
Paul Sams of Blizzard had an amusing statement about putting the game on the XBox 360. Mr. Sams said,

"World of Warcraft is built as a PC gaming experience. Porting PC games to console often compromises games, and we'd never allow the World of Warcraft gameplay experience to suffer."

By "never allow the World of Warcraft gameplay experience to suffer" he means force new players in North America to join Player versus Player servers away from their friends and family where they will be killed and corpse camped repeated, crushing their will not only to play the game, but to play any massively multiplayer game ever. It's a public service, not a compromise.
I'm usually pessimistic about massively multiplayer titles. It keeps me from having a permanently broken heart, but let me tell you, as much as I enjoy playing WoW, Blizzard continues to amaze me with their ability to misjudge the server capacity needed, especially for Player versus Environment servers.
EQ2 Dead? WoW Bleeding? Console me !

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