Chinese Going To Boycott WoW?

Posted Tue, Mar 07, 2006 by Awenyddion

Boomjack touched on this in his Loading... this morning. I wanted to throw my own two cents in because.. well if you know me, you know I'm extremely opinionated. The problem?

The Chinese userbase reports widespread delays of over an hour when logging into the game and getting a server list, and the last straw seems to have been complete server outages that disrupted the endgame of a large-scale raid involving nearly 1,000 players.

Ok now, let's talk about how this would affect world relations, game economy and my general state of panic.

1. Does Blizzard realize that it's not a good thing to piss China off? Can we say one billion angry people with nuclear weapons? C'mon, we're already on spongey turf with them as it is.

2. Dare I say it? Gold farming cut in half? The economy is in dire straights!

In all seriousness, Blizzard does have new hardware in the works so we need to be patient. On the other hand, I can understand their angst. I sat in a mere five minute queue last night trying to get into Sen'jin and nearly lost my mind. What is going on in the minds of the Blizzard execs? Who can say? We can't get anyone to comment on the issues.

Check out our World of Warcraft community while you're waiting for the servers to come up.

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