Auto Assault: Biomek Basics

Posted Wed, Mar 08, 2006 by Ethec

Are you an efficient biomechanical modern man?

Do you drink grease and rinse your hair in transmission fluid? Hopefully not; we definitely wouldn't advise you to do so! However if your character in Auto Assault does then why not check out our revamped Biomek section? Contains all of the transmission fluid fashion — err I mean contains Biomek skills, information, and other efficent things.

Hundreds of years ago a strange contamination began mutating Humans.
At first these "sick" Humans were taken to camps for treatment.
However, they didn't care much for how they were being treated. So the
"Mutants" began to rebel against the non-mutated. Humanity was no
match for these new stronger, faster, better Humans. It was decided
that taking various Humans and augmenting them to be stronger then the
Mutant force would help quell the uprising. They took in college
students, soldiers, really anybody and began to replace their body

I, for one, welcome our new biomek overlords. Check out the biomek basics at Auto Assault - TenTonHammer!


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