Tabula Rasa: Guide to Specialists

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Admit it, you cried when they carried Rudy off the field.

The Specialists are a special group of people whose skills start rudimentary but, like Rudy, they can score an unexpected play. What skills will players get and which should they hold on to as they ascend into greater classes? Ten Ton Hammer has revamped our information and provided advice on exactly what you need to know. "Rudy!" chanting not included.

Tabula Rasa's Specialists are the first tier of support classes. While the Specialist can still hold their own in a fire fight, they use beneficial skills and abilities to help teammates and themselves. Who is the Specialist class for? This is for people who don't like the very direct and offensive combat role. That isn't to say these classes can't cause considerable damage, they just are more defensive in nature at times.

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