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Posted Fri, Feb 22, 2008 by Boomjack

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First, the Ten Ton Pulse, your finger on the beating heart of the MMOG industry.

World of Warcraft returns with a vengeance, crushing everyone but Age of Conan into dust and reclaiming the #1 spot. Warhammer Online drops another 24 BPM in one day sliding to #4 while Lord of the Rings Online also drop BPM, but picks up a ranking spot to #3. Stargate Worlds breaks into the Top 10 with a 17 BPM that will surely go up when our GDC coverage starts to hit. (What is Pulse?)

  1. World of Warcraft - 200 BPM
  2. Age of Conan - 149 BPM
  3. Lord of the Rings Online - 36 BPM
  4. Warhammer Online - 34 BPM
  5. Lineage 2 - 33 BPM
  6. EverQuest 2 - 30 BPM
  7. EVE Online - 27 BPM
  8. Tabula Rasa - 21 BPM
  9. Vanguard: Saga of Heroes - 18 BPM
  10. Stargate Worlds - 17 BPM

GDC Day 3 is a memory, but visits to Turbine, Ageia, Kwari, Cheyenne Mountain and CCP are not.

Yesterday ended on a common theme, free-to-play games are going to make an impact in North America and players can either flow with the tide or fight aganst it. The general perception and the perception that I hold of many free-to-play games is that they are a lot like anything else that you receive for free. There is a reason that people don't want to pay for it. It must either be atrocious or geared to a demographic that can't or won't spend money on it. Either way, I'm not going to waste my time even giving it a shot. My spare time is short enough that I can't eat up an evening trying to figure out why in a broken game Miyagi can't wax on or wax off. I'm confident that many of you feel the same way, though your waxing may vary.

More F2P, Tasering cows and a party that didn't happen, today in Loading...

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