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Game Over Podcast 14: Abusing Superpowers

Posted Wed, Feb 27, 2008 by Taea

In this weeks episode Coyote not only attempts to break the record for inappropriate content edits, but shows there is a thin line between hero and villain in City of Heroes.

This week we take on the following topics:

City of Heroes - Coyote and Radar have both been playing City of Heroes in their free time. They discuss the good, the bad, and why RadarX needs to stop using the random button in character creation.

The Korea Times Tabula Rasa Article - An inflammatory article about Tabula Rasa was released last week. RadarX climbs up on a soapbox demanding integrity while Coyote debates the use of Korean currency in print.

Vanguard Face Customization Removal - A controversial topic to Vanguard players, the reduction in character options seems to be taking away something key for Vanguard. Does it? We'll find out as Coyote talks like he doesn't have a face.

Jack Thompson vs Samuel L. Jackson - In the latest of his whacky antics, Jack Thompson takes on a fake Samuel L. Jackson, and then threatens the real one.

Coyote: The only thing that really bothers me about the travel powers is, they are only good for the zone you are in. So no matter how fast you are running or how fast you are teleporting, it's so you can get to the bus station.

RadarX: This is true. You do have to take a mass transit system which I thought was funny.

Coyote: Quick! To the bat trolley!

Listen to the podcast here, then tell RadarX and Coyote what you think in the forums.


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