DDO Tavern Pick-Up Line Humor

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So you've had your fill of high adventure in Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach for the day, and you just want to heal up and let off some steam in the local tavern, right? Suddenly you fasten your gaze on a foxy elf / strapping barbarian across the room. Your guildmates might call you directionally-challenged, they might call you a little weak in the character sheet department, but they can never say your one to pass up a promising encounter. You set down your tankard, slide off your stool with a flurry, and saunter towards the apple of your eye. But as you arrive and his/her eyes drift to yours, you realize... you've got nothing.

That's where TenTonHammer comes in, my friend. We'll toss you a perfect, randomly-generated icebreaker (courtesy of the TenTonHammer Randomizer) to set the mood!

Here's a sampling (though we recommend extreme caution when using any of Ethec's lines!):

- Someone better contact the Sovereign Host, I think they're missing an angel!
- No, I'm not Warforged, but you're not the first to mistake me for a machine... a love machine, that is!
- Did one of you ladies finish a quest? I'm the reward.
- LookÂ… a rogue! You better give your heart to me before he tries to steal it!

And, sadly, there's plenty more where that came from at DDO - TenTonHammer!

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