Warhammer Hub – The Oceanic (Australian & NZ) Fan site

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If you're someone who tends to play on the off times, or a gamer who is located in the Oceanic areas of the world, we have a site worth considering! Coming from Vlash on our forums we have a link to a site setup just for you, here's a peek:

Hey everyone,

IÂ’m the founder of http://warhammer.oghub.com which is our brand new oceanic Warhammer community and news site under the Oceanic Gamers Hub banner.

The Warhammer Hub exists like all of OgHubs network sites to provide oceanic players(Australia, New Zealand & Asia) a place to chat and to designate a server for us all to play on. We will also be bringing you the latest news regarding Warhammer and oceanic related matters.

You can find the site by Clicking Here.

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