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Warhammer Online: Saphery Overview

Posted Mon, Mar 03, 2008 by Shayalyn

Elf vs. Elf

For centuries Ulthuan has been home to some of the greatest wizards to walk the world of Warhammer, the High Elves. With their long lives, the High Elves have years to master the Winds of Magic and the land of Saphery is where they train. Home to the White Tower of Hoeth, The Tower of Flames, and the the Circle of Winds, Saphery is a key strategic point for the Dark elves to take, but they're not alone. The other forces of Destruction also have a stake in plundering Saphery, rich with ancient artifacts and relics. Will the High Elves be able to prevail?

As the heart of Ulthuan's magical traditions, Saphery is a natural target of the Dark Elf invasion. Not only is Saphery home to many of Ulthuan's High Elf Archmages, it also holds countless artifacts and items of power. If the servants of Malekith can gain control of even a fraction of these magical resources, they can twist their power to their own ends, while simultaneously weakening the High Elves.

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