Tabula Rasa: Guide to Ortho Control Point

Since When Do "Constant Assaults" Equal "Safety?"
Since When Do "Constant Assaults" Equal "Safety?"

Sitting among the volcanic environment, Ortho Control Point in Richard GarriottÂ’s Tabula Rasa is the closest thing you'll find to safety in the eastern Torden Incline. Under constant assault from Bane forces, this vital base will become very familiar during your travels through the zone. Ten Ton Hammer has updated this comprehensive guide with new missions, new rewards and important information changes.

Placed among the lava blasted rock in Torden Incline, a large outpost marks the only remotely civilized construction around. The Ortho control point is the central hub of this inhospitable area providing merchants, crafting stations and a teleporter. Yes, we did say control point which means this base gets hit by Bane forces on a regular basis. You'll find yourself around Ortho quite a bit while in Incline so be sure to grab up the missions offered here.

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