Jumpgate Evolution: Combat and Controls Interview

Strap Yourself In...It's Gonna Be a Wild Ride!

The space combat genre is all about action. If you've ever had an opportunity to boot up one of these games, you'll be familiar with the "strap yourself in" sort of mentality that the developers used to run with when creating these games. When I asked NetDevil's Hermann Peterscheck about the combat in Jumpgate Evolution and how that game was being designed, his answers were so thorough and lengthy that the Ten Ton Hammer staff had to split the interview into two parts to encompass the entire span. With Part One of the "Combat and Controls Interview", the Ten Ton Hammer staff asked Hermann about control options, joystick vs. keyboard, and how a player advances throughout the game. We hope you enjoy his responses!

Hermann: I think that those things are different sides of the same thing. Combat is, and always will be, skill based. Many things are part of combat, attack, defense, handling, speed and so on. The various permutations of all the things that people will do is something that we could fill pages with. I also suspect we will only scratch the surface of what players might do.

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