Pirates of the Burning Sea Writing Contest

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Arr! Be ye an author, perchance?

If you want the chance to win some choice Pirates of the Burning Sea booty, make sure to enter their new writing contest!

The Boarding Party, an elite group of players from Pirates of the Burning Sea, have created a contest for pirate fans with the support of Flying Lab Software, the game's developer.

Grab some parchment, a pen and your best pirate hat because this contest is all about telling your story as a swashbuckling Captain on the Burning Sea. Meet the Pirates of the Burning Sea's Boarding Party, the developers of Flying Lab Software and participate in this story contest by visiting this link:

Here's what the 5 winners will receive:

· An in-game blue parrot

· Special in-game weapons

· The Pirates of the Burning Sea soundtrack

*All contents in the Pre-Order boxes are signed by the developers (These in-game items are limited and many stores ran out when the game was released!)

You heard them! Hit the link and check it out.

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