Tabula Rasa: Guide to Alia Das

Ah! Trees, Serene Settings, Bane Attacks...
Ah! Trees, Serene Settings, Bane Attacks...

There is no more serene sight than a beautiful village among the trees that would make Ewoks feel right at home.  Of course it's nestled up against an AFS encampment and under consistent attack from the Bane, but you can't have everything. Ten Ton Hammer has revamped our guide to Alias Das to provide walkthroughs, missions rewards, and all your Logos locations.

Alia Das is a Forean village in the northeast portion of the Concordia Wilderness. From the tutorial you'll be dropped in the midst of the AFS camp next door bustling will military activity. Missions, trainers, vendors, and crafting are all conveniently located pretty much right in front of you. Missions specifically from the Foreans require a brief run into the village, but directions are fairly clear (use your map) and it's well worth the trip.

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