New EQ2 Beginner's Guide

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A Guide to the Newbie Isle - Evil Side!

You're evil. You've admitted it, and come to accept it. You've talked in theaters, took the last soda, and made fun of Radar's pink pants. What do you do now? You hop in game, and create an evil character of course! TenTonHammer has your guide to starting out as an evil race and the quests that will begin your journey to the dark side.

The Isle of Refuge, or Outpost of the Overlord, is your first stop before arriving in the lovely city of Freeport. This isn't the Isle of Refuge your dad used to play on. Those goblins you used to kill? Replace them with highly mobile, and dangerous Tunarian elves. They aren't the cute kind who work for Santa either. They'd love nothing more than to skewer you and mock your corpse

Learn how to be your evil best at EQ2 - TenTonHammer.

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