PTR Screenshots Wanted

Updated Sun, Mar 16, 2008 by Xerin

More screenshots wanted!

Blizzard wants some more screenshots and this time it looks like they're looking for screenshots from the player test realm! If you've got some cool screenshots from the PTR then send 'em over to Blizzard and they could be chosen to appear on the official site.

The new screenshot galleries that have been released lately have been assembled solely from player-submitted screenshots – it's been a true community effort. We're now looking for screenshots of some of the new areas in the Fury of the Sunwell update, which is currently being tested on the public test realm. Specifically, we're interested in screenshots from the new Sunwell Isle, including Quel'Danas, Magisters' Terrace, and Sunwell Plateau. Submit your screenshots, and also check the other subjects we're currently collecting screenshots of.

Click here to view information on submitting your own screenshots.

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