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Who Wouldn't Want a Wiki?
Who Wouldn't Want a Wiki?

Acclaim Games, Inc. is releasing its first major content update in 2008 for its action-packed game, 2Moons. Titled Bad Moons Rising, this update contains a new pet system, new quests and dungeons, and much more.

Now Acclaim and Ten Ton Hammer want to get you in on the action. In our 2Moons contest, we're giving 25 lucky winners a bevy of in-game items to make your 2Moons experience that much more fun.

The 2Moons Prize Pack includes:
  • 1 Wiki pet - This is an Egg for a pet Item. When you purchase this cash item, it will be an Egg. If you double-click the Egg in your Inventory window, the pet will then hatch from the egg. Pets will follow you around and help gather items and dil.
  • 5 Soul of the Alchemist items - Soul of Alchemist adds an 18% chance of success when creating a socket in a weapon or armor item. * This item cannot be gifted or traded
  • 1 Super Noble Health Pack - Use the Super Noble Health Pack for instant automatic recovery of 820 HP. Right-click or place in F1-F6 slots to use. * This item cannot be gifted or traded
  • 1 Noble Mana Pack - Use the Noble Mana Pack to recover 820 MP manually either by right-clicking or by placing in one of the F1-F6 slots and pressing the appropriate key. * This item cannot be gifted or traded
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