Shannon "Pharamond" Drake Interview on Gameplay

Age of Conan forum member Rackam recently posted a 15 question interview answered by Shannon "Pharamond" Drake about many issues involving several aspects of the Age of Conan gameplay. The questions were well thought and received some great answers. Among the topics touched on were enemy camps attacking player cities, the differences between player cities and player battle keeps, various PvP aspects and much more.

All MMOs in development are “the most groundbreaking game ever” until they encounter reality.
LetÂ’s look at what we have: DirectX10 support, beautiful engine, massive PVP combat, small-scale PVP minigames, 12 interesting classes, unique takes on magic, character development and crafting, working, fun, and functional mounted combat, a mature and brutal setting, a license and backstory like no other, score and music by an award-winning team, enough solo, group, and crafting content to keep you entertained no matter your playstyle, player cities, siege battles, the hands-on combat system that has been the heart and soul of the game since day one and is still in place, hammered and shaped into a work of fighting art and hundreds of thousands of possibly insane fans just waiting to help (or crush) you when you set foot in the world, and no elves.

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