Bright Wizard Career Mastery

Burn, baby burn! Chaos Inferno! Burn, baby burn!

Burn, baby burn! Chaos Inferno! Burn, baby burn!

Nothing is more fearsome on the battlefield than that of an overwhelming offensive force. When you storm Altdorf, you may well face a force like that in the Bright Wizards. The Empire's equivalent of a nuclear bomb contained in the shape of a man, the Bright Wizards are masters of fire magic. Of course, what's better when you have a pyromaniac on your side than to give him even more fire-power to use against your enemies! The Bright Wizards Paths of Mastery allow him to do just that! Beef up his/her already impressive BBQ abilities with one of the three paths and bring your marshmallows, cause there won't be a whole lot left over.

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