TenTonHammer Podcast Episode 2 Live

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Episode 2 of the TenTonHammer podcast now live!

This week's news, the World of Warcraft 1.10 patch aftermath, more City of Villains Issue 7 coverage, and a look at one of the most recently announced MMOs-in-development, Warhammer Online round out this week's TenTonHammer Podcast, Episode 2!

John Hoskin hosts a 45-minute discussion covering the massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) industry. Co-hosts Phil Comeau, Jeff Woleslagle and Nicole Hamlett look at the 1.10 World of Warcraft patch and City of Villains Issue 7. They'll also break down the week's top news stories and respond to a listener's question regarding an MMO in-development: Warhammer Online. Oh, and there might be something about an MMO geared to the fundamentalist Islamic community!?

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