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By John Hoskin -

Episode #2 of the TenTonHammer.com podcast is alive and well at Podcast.TenTonHammer.com. Congratulations again to "Phatty" who sent us in a question and choose a City of Villains Collector's Edition as his prize.
A new comic is also online, just look in the upper right corner of any of our sites, titled 'Field and Scream' we take a look at another kind of game.
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There has been a flurry of debate across various game blogs centered on a bet that Second Life would have more North American users than World of Warcraft in two years.
On the surface this seems like an easy call. World of Warcraft has six million paying members and Second Life has considerably less even though you can play for free. The crux of the argument for Second Life to be the eventual winner is that player created content will be more entertaining than developer created content in the long run.
For Second Life to win this bet, a few very important events need to occur.
1) Content creation in Second Life needs to be made far easier or users need to become more technology savvy. The barrier to entry is high and wide and electrified. Just thinking about it gives me a shock.
2) World of Warcraft needs to start hemorrhaging users at an alarming rate.
3) Someone creating content for Second Life needs to create something or some things compelling enough to get people to take notice.
There is an opportunity cost involved with playing a MMOG. If you play one and want to do well in it, garnering some sort of virtual respect from the virtual people that you play with, then you are obliged to play the game well and to play the game often. There is a committment of time and a committment to bring your skill in the game to a certain level.
Linden Labs, the developers of Second Life just received $11 million in funding. This seems like quite a windfall until you consider that six million players are paying Blizzard $15 per month to play World of Warcraft.
Second Life proponents will surely tout that it is not a game, but a world. I agree with that sentiment and believe that it is exactly that which will keep it from overtaking our 800 pound gorilla friend, World of Warcraft.
My perspective is skewed of course as I cover games, not worlds, but the line between the two is becoming thinner all the time.
Which will be larger in two years, worlds or games? Second Life or World of Warcraft? I'd love to hear your thoughts. (.mp3 format if you want bonus points in the swag give away) Send them in.

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Vin Diesel Fact of the Day: Vin Diesel won the gold, silver and bronze medals in boxing at the 2000 Olympics.
Now on to the real world. You can't make this stuff up.
A big round of clap for Phil and Matt for sending in some headlines.

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