New WoW Orc/Troll Starting Guide

Posted Fri, Apr 07, 2006 by Ethec

More help for World of Warcraft's first 12 levels!

Yesterday at WoW - TenTonHammer, we looked at the dwarf / gnome starting zone of Dun Morogh. Today it's only fair that we look at where orcs & trolls begin their journey: Durotar. This extensive guide describes the best way to work the 29 quests found in this level 1-12 starting region, and includes a touched-up map, some important tips for new adventurers, and even a little bit of lore!

Foreman Thazz'ril, on the eastern end of Valley of Trials, needs you to whip some "Lazy Peons" into shape. You've probably seen these guys lounging around; complete this quest to get Thazzril's Pick before tackling the Burning Blade Medallion quest from Zureetha (upon turning in the "Vile Familiars" quest) so you'll only have to crawl through the "Burning Blade Coven" cave once. Take the northern track through the cave to go straight to Yarog Baneshadow and collect the medallion.

Quests are fun, but backtracking isn't. Thinking of rolling an orc or troll alt in World of Warcraft? Just starting out? Let us streamline your early experience with the WoW @ TenTonHammer "Durotar" starting region guide!

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