AA Race Starting Guide: Humans

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To the Surface! For Humanity!

In Auto Assault, Ark Bay 313 is where all new recruits to Hestia Corporation’s freelancer program begin. It serves as the first zone any new Human player visits. We have a full walkthrough on this mini-highway, including maps and quest details. So grab your keys and hop in your ride, it’s Scav crushing time!

Ark Bay 313 is the “starting location” for new Human players. It’s a "mini-highway" designed to introduce you to the game. It’s separate from the actual Auto Assault world. Players are placed in the mini-highway and given a series of introduction tasks, so that when they leave they can be able to play the game without to much of a hitch. During this section of the game there is little risk of the player’s vehicle getting totaled. While there is combat, it’s placed with the player having a huge advantage in the fights.

You can view our human race startup walkthrough at AutoAssault - TenTonHammer.

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