EQ2: Rare Harvesting Resource Guide

Rare Finds  
Rare Finds
Thanks to a reader tip, we've updated our EverQuest 2 Rare Harvesting resource page. Don't go out harvesting without knowing exactly what you are looking for and where you need to be to get it!

If you're like me in not having enough patience for hours and hours of harvesting just to raise yourself to the next tier, you'll probably want to raise these skills as you go along.  While your soloing in Thundering Steppes, for example, harvest some nodes in safe places as you go along.  This biggest disadvantage to this kind of harvesting is that you'll be harvesting in places where an aggro mob could stumble into your peaceful harvesting session, but you'll be glad you kept your skills up when at level 45+ you're out harvesting t5 stuff, instead of slugging it out with node-stealers in Oakmyst Forest.

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