WoW Weekly Report - Fury of the Patch

Posted Thu, Mar 27, 2008 by Xerin

The WoW Weekly Report is a weekly newsletter that arrives in your inbox containing the latest news about WoW, interesting forums posts by blizzard, and the latest changes around here at WoW at Ten Ton Hammer. This week's newsletter goes into detail about patch 2.4 along with some information of a new Latin American launch of WoW.

Patch 2.4 has been giving the servers a little bit of a headache. Some battlegroups have found their entire battleground servers going down getting players stuck from logging in (now though this has been fixed), many are advised to clear their WTF folder if they have problems loading into the Sunwell Isle, PvP servers are full of combat in the Sunwell Isle, and there are various weird problems coming up here and there on various servers. Not to mention a few NPCs in Shattrath who were moved up a level causing some players to go insane trying to find them.

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