NCsoft Europe Presents Exteel Developer Tutorial Feature

Posted Thu, Mar 27, 2008 by Aelryn

Like to have a tutorial?

Exteel is presenting it's new tutorial feature, according to a recent press release.

One of the reasons why Exteel is so easy to play and master is that it contains a comprehensive tutorial system that all players can access, complete and even run through again if they wish. Not only do the extensive and interactive tutorials give you a full sense on how to play Exteel, they grant extra in-game credits and other bonuses that will prove extremely beneficial almost immediately.

Exteel features nine tutorial missions altogether, five of which are “beginner”-type missions, built around teaching basic movement, using the booster, jumping, using weapons, overheating and swapping (exchanging) weapons. You won’t get any bonuses or extra goods for finishing these tutorial missions, but they’ll give you a good understanding on how Exteel plays at its basic level.

Check it out here.


NCsoft is cutting another game loose with the cancellation of Exteel

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