SAGA Released Patch 137.2

Posted Fri, Mar 28, 2008 by Aelryn

Much like an RTS base, they just keep on making it better and bigger.

MMORTS Gamers reports that SAGA's latest patch is now out the door.

A new patch for SAGA has been released after the recent server issue, with many fixes and resolved bugs. Patch 137.2 follows the FREE boosters given to gamers as compensation for the server hiccups on the 24th March. The full list is quite lengthy and many will be pleased at the spread of changes involved. One key feature is the ability to 'Garrison' units, which involves returning a unit to your reserves, with a time penalty for use. This reduces your overall Command point total, allowing different deployments and options.

Read the rest of the notes at MMORTS Gamers.


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