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Ten Ton Hammer's New Gold Selling Stance? Gotcha!

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Juuuuussst Messin' With Ya!

When you surfed over to Ten Ton Hammer's homepage yesterday, you noticed a rash of what looked like Google AdSense ads for gold selling services. The horror! Had your favorite gold-seller-free network gone commie?

On closer inspection, some of you may have also noticed ads for things like Boomjack Body Wash and Epiciagra (so you could "impress girls with your own EPIC MOUNT!") At that point you may have sensed a chain being yanked. Then you checked the date--April 1, 2008. Gotcha!

We pissed a few of you off (at least momentarily), confused a few others, and hopefully made you laugh. The good news is that few of you actually believed Ten Ton Hammer had gone to the gold sellers for more than a confused minute or two. You know us better than that! We've had a staunch anti-secondary market policy for quite some time now, and we intend to stay that way. (Although the Boomjack Body Wash is not a lie! I bought some for my husband just yesterday. It smells like a gaming convention. In other words, like eau de nerd sweat.)

And did any of you fear for a moment that Ten Ton Hammer's resident funny men, Boomjack and Coyote, were really leaving us? Hell, Coyote followed us home and we were dumb enough to ask Mom if we could keep him. (He looked so cute at the time! But then they grow up...) Now we can't seem to lose him no matter how many times we throw a stick off the nearest really tall bridge. (He won't chase it. He's lazy.) And Boomjack? Well, let's just say he made us all an offer we couldn't refuse and none of us wants to end up in the Witless Protection Program (see what I did there?) for ratting him out. He stays. Capiche?

So, thanks for letting us have a little fun!

And you were so scared.

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