Game Over Podcast 15: MMO Games and Enhancement Drugs

RadarX and Coyote Barking at the Moon
RadarX and Coyote Barking at the Moon

After a lengthy hiatus, Game Over is back, and while we'd like to say it's better than ever, it's just Coyote and RadarX. Join on us a very special Sony Online Entertainment edition where almost all our discussion involves news surrounding them. Our topics are as follows:

Vivox - Most would agree that in game voice chat is a wonderful conception and Vivox has proven to be quite a robust product in EVE Online. Will the same be true for SOE's products? Is giving Coyote the power to change his voice a good feature or a threat to mankind?

Live Gamer - Hitting the EverQuest Station Exchange servers soon, Live Gamer promises to be a legalized and secure third party application for real money trade. Coyote and RadarX take this opportunity to remind people that not only does illegal RMT make you a cheater but a Communist.

Free Realms - This whimsical game from SOE promises to cater to a market rarely pursued, the young teenager. Will this tear kids away from their Nintendo DS's and Webkinz? Coyote describes his experience seeing this game and why RMT will work in it.

Street Fighter the Movie - While we almost made an entire podcast without a non-MMO game topic, the announcement of this movies progress was just too tragic to ignore. With such a disastrous first one, why would they make another?

Coyote: And remember kids, if you buy plat you get exactly what you deserve. A stolen credit card, you [edited].
RadarX: And you are supporting Communism
Coyote: And you're rocking out with the devil... in a bad way.

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