Rohan: Blood Feud - Closed Beta Interview

Behind the Beta Scenes
Behind the Beta Scenes

It's getting harder and harder for the makers of free-to-play games to differentiate themselves from many of the other imported games on the market. However, one of the more recent and unique games to be imported into North America - at least on paper - is Rohan: Blood Feud. As a hybrid player versus player and player versus environment type of game, Rohan is set to release to the English-speaking North American market in the very near future. To learn more about the game, Ten Ton Hammer's Cody "Micajah" Bye sat down with Fred White, the senior marketing manager for YNK Interactive, to really get a feel for the ins-and-outs of Rohan: Blood Feud.

With regards to adjusting the game for "the West", we've taken great pains to test the game in many segments of the market to acquire feedback in what the players are looking for in their ideal MMORPG. All facets of the game have been reviewed with localization in mind, including race balance, the economy, the "grind factor", fashions, cool-down periods, latency, and payment options, among others. We learned some things during our first closed beta test, and we have made some adjustments for our upcoming second closed beta test (4/3-4/9). I anticipate we'll learn even more during that time.

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