Ten Ton Hammer Kicking & Screaming Contest Winner

And We Have a Winner!

And We Have a Winner!

Last month we challenged you to drag your friends and guild mates kicking and screaming to Ten Ton Hammer. (We love it when you sacrifice your friends to us like that.) The one with the most sacrifices...er, referrals in our Kicking & Screaming Contest was Notleh, who brought us over 30 victims...eh, companions from his guild, Brotherhood of the Spider. He wins a super-secret swag prize from the Ten Ton Hammer prize box. Even I don't know what it is. He'll have to let us in on the secret when the mysterious box shows up on his doorstep. (Tip: Open it slowly and cautiously.)

You can stop by this forum thread to congratulate Notleh. (Or whine about losing; whatever does it for ya.)

Thanks for the virgins, Notleh!

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