Ten Ton Hammer March Forum Awards Winners

Posted Wed, Apr 02, 2008 by Shayalyn

You're ALL Winners, But...

We've announced our Ten Ton Hammer Forum Award winners this month. Each gets a super-cool graphic to wear by their forum name, plus their award is forever displayed in their Award Showcase.

The winners are...

Kicking & Screaming Award - Notleh
Colbert Award - Annatar (nominated by Martuk)
Member of the Month - Khalathwyr (nominated by Machail)
LMAO Award - Drayen (nominated by Machail)
Rabbit Award - Smoothbrain (nominated by Martuk)
Master Craftsman Award - Beerkeg (nominated by SirRobin and Annatar)

Stop by and congratulate these super-special human beings in our forum. (Hopefully none of them will give long acceptance speeches.)

Want to be a winner? Know someone who is a winner? Nominate yourself or another community member for our April awards.

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