Ten Ton Hammer March Forum Awards Winners

You're ALL Winners, But...

You're ALL Winners, But...

We've announced our Ten Ton Hammer Forum Award winners this month. Each gets a super-cool graphic to wear by their forum name, plus their award is forever displayed in their Award Showcase.

The winners are...

Kicking & Screaming Award - Notleh
Colbert Award - Annatar (nominated by Martuk)
Member of the Month - Khalathwyr (nominated by Machail)
LMAO Award - Drayen (nominated by Machail)
Rabbit Award - Smoothbrain (nominated by Martuk)
Master Craftsman Award - Beerkeg (nominated by SirRobin and Annatar)

Stop by and congratulate these super-special human beings in our forum. (Hopefully none of them will give long acceptance speeches.)

Want to be a winner? Know someone who is a winner? Nominate yourself or another community member for our April awards.

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