9 Dragons Developer Diary

Posted Fri, Apr 14, 2006 by Awenyddion has a 9 Dragons Developer Diary up. There's a little Kung Fu fighting, a little butt kicking and alot of a good information here.

There are generally lots of monsters wandering around and these can give adventurers a hard time on their own. But 9Dragons is special because there are also five clans of monsters with special powers of their own. They have their own unique background histories just like the Shao-Lin and the Wu-Tang!

There are five major monster clans in 9Dragons. They are the Clan of Secret Shadows, the Clan of Death Valley, the Clan of the King of Hell, the Clan of Beasts, and the Clan of the Golden War.

There is too much to say about these clans to fit it all in to one article so I have broken this up into two pieces. In the first I shall deal with the Clan of Secret Shadows and the Clan of Death Valley.

Can Acclaim bust into the genre with this game and overset it's previous difficulties? Only time will tell.


GamesCampus announces that it will assume control of North American services for 9Dragons from GamersFirst on September 20th.

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