Guild Wars Socialization Op/Ed

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M and M

In this weekly Common Content editorial, the Ten Ton Hammer network is taking a look at the M's in MMORPG. They're designed for group play, but lately, there's been a shift towards allowing players the option to go it solo. Read our TenTonHammer - Guild Wars editorial about how Guild Wars lives up to it's "massively multiplayer" heritage.

So why do we keep playing MMORPGs in droves instead of going back to the plain old RPG? I can't say for certain, but I can hazard a few guesses. We're social creatures. We like variety. We like challenge. More importantly, we like to play games with our friends. In today's CPU driven, broadband internet world, your favourite gaming buddy might not even be on the same continent, much less the same block. MMORPGs give us a "place" where geography is relevant only as a time-zone.
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