Wow: Magisters' Terrace Guide Updated

More Magisters' Terrace Guide to Love
More Magisters' Terrace Guide to Love

So far our Magisters' Terrace guide has given you the knowledge you need to take down the first two bosses within World of Warcraft's latest 5-man instance. Now it has full details on how to defeat the third boss, Pristess Delrissa, and her four companions. A 5v5 fight that pits your group against the computer's group with all odds in their favor. They have more health, more mana, and more damage. However, will your superior intelligence win the fight for you or will the evils of the world prevail? Why not let our guide help keep that last scenario from happening!

Priestess Delrissa is the third boss in Magisters' Terrace. Not much lore is known about Delrissa, other than she's a Shivarra who is labeled as humanoid and not demon (which all other Shivarra are). She comes with 4 random mini bosses which makes this encounter extremely difficult or extremely easy depending on which mini bosses spawn and how well your group can handle 5 bosses at once."

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