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Angels Online - New Regions Unveiled

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Eden is only a few clicks away...

Angels Online has a few new maps for fans of this free-to-play, robot-themed MMORPG.

The Angels Online ( team, from IGG ( ), have already informed their valued players about the two brand new instances to be introduced into the latest edition of the game. Now they will also tease them with a preview of the maps of the new areas.

The upgraded version of Eden contains 8 brand new maps including the 2 new instances and 6 level-up & quest maps such as Sad Abyss, Fiery Path, Lava Cave, Flaming Door, Underground Square and Hell Palace.

Each map has its own innovative monsters and far more powerful bosses. So our players had better get ready to come face to face with some fiendishly evil challenges. But the rewards, of course will make it a worthwhile fight.

For more information about the newest additions, visit theAngels Online official site.

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