Warhammer Online Op/Ed: Why Beta Testing Isn't Important

Is Beta Really Worth It?
Is Beta Really Worth It?

With last weeks Beta Q&A from EA Mythic's General Manager Mark Jacobs, it became evident quite a few members of the War Hammer Online: Age of Reckoning community are more than a little anxious to get in. Is there really a lot to see and is it worth getting excited over? RadarX looks at a number of reasons to not only lower your expectations with a closed Beta, but possibly avoid it altogether.

Another disadvantage that we've seen in some recent products is radical changes in development, even a month from launch. The Witch Hunter you fell in love with may no longer get (insert ability of your choice), or even have the skill taken away entirely. Do you really want to be the guy in chat channel that says "Back in the Beta we could take out any class with that ability. That was the way it was and we liked it!" Why ruin your first impression of what could be an amazing game with an incomplete preview?

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