Game Over Podcast 16 - Forums and Wii Shortages

These Boys Make Geek Chic!
These Boys Make Geek Chic!

This week Coyote and RadarX cover the usual battery of MMO game and geek related things in a disturbing way. Join them for a wide range of discussions from the antics of an anti-video game lawyer to the console shortages. Their topics are as follows:

Jack Thompson - Is there really anything left to say about him other than he's lost it? Apparently there is because Coyote breaks down his recent Bar trial and shows why we may not be hearing from him any time soon.

Official Forums - Do MMO games really need official forums where subscribers can hang out and complain/find information? Discussion ensues regarding their purpose and how much of a forum presence a company really needs.

Wii Shortage - Coyote and RadarX go console this week and discuss exactly where the Nintendo Wii shortage might be coming from. Rumors, investment analysts, and conspiracy all results in one thing: neither of them can find a Wii to buy anywhere.

Charlton Heston - A legend passed recently and if you are a geek there is more of a link than you might believe to Heston. Coyote makes dirty ape jokes while RadarX mourns the loss of a great actor and major gun advocate.

RadarX: And our third topic for the evening...
Coyote: Radar's really short Wii!
RadarX: No no no...we are talking about the Nintendo Wii.

Be sure to listen to the end for out takes.

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