WoW: Battleground Holiday Weekend Honor Bonus Guide

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Honor Among PvPers?

If you are a PvP player and want to get honor for new gear as fast as possible, your best bet is the bonus honor weekends. Most players know about them, but few really now how they work. Many players call them double honor weekends which is not really accurate since you do not earn twice the honor. Instead you get bonus honor for accomplishing different tasks based on the battleground. Even the term bonus honor weekend is not correct. Blizzard calls them Battleground Holiday weekends. However, most players refer to them as bonus honor weekends, and to keep things
simple and clear so will we.

So, if you are itching to store up some honor in preparation for season 2 being available for honor when season 4 is released, or if you just need that specific PvP piece, learn how it all works.

Let's start from the beginning. While in a battleground your bonus honor is calculated based on objectives being completed. Each time you complete an object you earn what amounts to a boss kill. Each of these kills awards a certain amount of honor, dependant on your level. The two main brackets to be aware of are the 51-60 bracket granting approximately 14 honor per kill and the 61-70 bracket granting approximately 21 honor per kill. The number of kills an objective counts as depends on the battleground and the objective.

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