Warhammer Online: Public Quest Boss Overview: Sildaen of Hoeth

Are You Ready for WAR? Sildaen Hoeth Is!
Are You Ready for WAR? Sildaen Hoeth Is!

From the time of the first Phoenix King, the Menhir stones have held the powerful Winds of Magic in check, and in doing so, also keep the power of Chaos limited. Now, the destruction faction in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning has plans to destroy these stones, the Witch King Malekith specifically. However, if you think it's going to be as simple as walking in and busting some rocks, think again. Sildaen of Hoeth has summoned practically everyone who can come to stop him. The Phoenix King's Shining Guard. The Shadow Warriors. And another group that may be a sneak peek into the final High Elven class? Sildaen of Hoeth is ready for WAR, and he is not happy.

Over the years, as Sildaen's proficiency grew, pride took a foothold. He began to dismiss the signs in favor of his own gained knowledge. When news of Malekith's invasion reached his ears, the extent of his pride was matched only by the punishing weight of his guilt. Sildaen fell to his knees and cried to the heavens for forgiveness.

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