New AA Class Guide: Mutant Shaman

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You haven't checked out our newest Auto Assault guide?? Shaman you!

Auto Assault - TenTonHammer now has a Shaman class guide up detailing skills, vehicles, and other information about the Shaman class. With this class guide, we'veve fully updated class information for all four Mutant classes! Stay tuned for a revamp of our main Mutant page!

The Shaman class is a healing class with teeth. They can use their special Mutant powers to repair vehicles, restart broken down cars, and attack enemies. Shamans have all of the heals and buffs you'd expect a healer to have along with many attack and debuff skills. Truly a fierce warrior that does great damage and can heal itself and its allies.

Fuel up on Contamination and head towards the Auto Assault - TenTonHammer Shaman Class Guide.

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