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Attention, Mildly Deranged People!
Attention, Mildly Deranged People!

This week Coyote and RadarX take on a bevy of topics sure to appeal to any geek or mildly deranged person. Tune in for a look at an upcoming industry event and a few very interesting games still in the development process. The topics this week are as follows:

SOE Fan Faire 2008 - SOE has announced their 2008 Fan Faire coming soon to a casino near you.  Why should you think about attending?  RadarX explains what you can expect while Coyote regrets how much alcohol can be found in Las Vegas.

Science Fiction MMO Games - Does science fiction have a deciding role in the MMO game industry? A discussion covering why Star Trek would be a huge game is only overshadowed by the fact that Coyote still won't play the Matrix Online.

Fallout 3 - Fans of the classic series won't have to wait much longer for the release of this highly anticipated game.  RadarX contains his excitement while Coyote promises to carry a Vaultec lunchbox to work every single day.

Mortal Kombat vs DC - Yes you are reading this correctly, Mortal Kombat vs DC.  No longer satisfied with averting apocalypse, Sub Zero and friends are taking on Batman and a number of other superheroes.  Why?  We don't know either but an explanation is attempted.

Coyote: What I can tell you about Fallout is it's violence and dark humor.  It's fun.  It's just one of those games that reeks of fun.

RadarX: Mutants, ghouls, machine guns, rocket launchers...

Coyote: Smiley faces!

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