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How Are You Equipped?
How Are You Equipped?

Gear and equipment choices are complicated for any class or situation. As a Paladin though they become even more complicated as you have three different builds to talent trees to choose from that drastically chance the gear that you will be looking for. In today's update Byron "Messiah" Mudry looks at the numerous options open to a Paladin and lays out some guidelines for choosing the best gear.

PvP gear at level 70 is relatively simple. You need to still focus on the same core stats as leveling or PvE, however they become secondary to Stamina and Resilience. All you need to do is get the PvP set appropriate to your build. For Holy that is the Ornamented Gladiator's set, Retribution is the Scaled Gladiator's set and Protection is the Lamellar Gladiator's set. Each set has all of the stats you need for PvP. Which, interestingly enough is resilience followed by stamina, then the rest of the stats and bonuses related to your build.

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