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Enter the Underworld

Temple of the Ages is a unique area in Guild Wars. It has the usual assortment of quests and collectors, but it also acts as a gateway to the realms of the gods. When your region has the favor of the gods, you can pay a price to visit Grenth's Underworld or Balthazar's Fissure of Woe.

To indicate favor, the statue of Balthazar will burn, and the statue of Grenth is a waterfall of frost. Kneel (/kneel) before either statue while your region has favor, and a Voice will appear. Balthazar's Voice can admit you and your party to the Fissure of Woe for the cost of 1,000 gold, regardless of party size.

We introduce you to the Temple and explain how to access these high-end PvE zones. Read our Guild Wars - TenTonHammer Guide to Temple of the Ages.

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